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Sitting still

I am sitting still. I’m not watching tv, painting, reading a book, editing, working out, meal prepping or internally simultaneously multitasking. Im just sitting. Breathing in the fresh air on a park bench.

Either you’re with me at this point or you’re not (and thinking I am real weird, I am, but stay with me here).

The reality is how often do we just sit and enjoy life without letting it pass us by. How often do you sit and enjoy the beauty that God has surrounding us?

In today’s society, I feel like the underwritten theme is, whoever can hustle the hardest wins. I don’t want to be the winner. Yes, you heard me right, Ms Competitive doesn’t want to win something! I don’t want to always be in a rat race to make more money or do more things. I don’t want to feel anxiety ridden because my schedule is so packed full, I can’t even stop to grab lunch. That life is meaningless. Like really, what are you working for at the end of the day? Don’t get me wrong, I am all about hard work but not to the point of sacrificing your family.

See, I’ve always been that girl. The girl who runs 100 miles per hour and does everything. I am a recovering workaholic. My personality, I could basically work 24/7 and be completely fine. But the reality is, it is not fine. There is more to life. My dad was always that way. He is unbelievably successful and a hero to me in so many ways. Yet when I was young, he traveled about 300 days a year because he was a hustler. He missed out on everything and I know that is a regret he has. Since growing older and wiser, he realized you don’t get those moments back and to really treasure them; work will always be there but your kids won’t. Now, he is always here for us and drops anything at the drop of a hat for me and especially my nuggets.
So today. I will sit. I hope you will sit too. I hope you will speak positive and encouraging words to yourself. I hope you will enjoy these moments with your family and realize nothing is more important than these moments. So sit. Be thankful. And enjoy the fresh air.


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