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packing it all up.

Nine years of stuff.
Nine years of memories.
We started our life together as husband and wife here.
We brought our children home from the hospital here.
It’s crazy how, for even the most unsentimental people, moving can bring out those sentimental feelings in you.

Moving, say what?

Yes. Last week we decided we were moving. Last week, as in the week of November 15th.

Steven and I began looking for houses in a quaint little neighboring town. We wanted to be closer to our girls schools and their everyday (and our) activities.

We found a house through a friend. The lady hadn’t even put her home on the market yet but she anticipated doing that soon. She invited us to come take a look. It is pretty much exactly what we are looking for and we made an offer. A little back and forth and we signed the dotted line and are under contract with a new home.

Now, it is time to pack up our home and as of yesterday it is officially on the market.

For an entire week, I packed and cleaned and scrubbed every corner and crevice in our house. We took all of our personal pictures down and replaced them with beautiful artwork that was painted by my mom. We staged our home to make it inviting and ready. All in ONE WEEK. Seriously, exhausted is an understatement.

To throw in the mix, we celebrated Ellie’s 8th birthday this past weekend at the skating rink. So, busy season with photography, buying a house in one week, putting our house on the market, crazy schedules, training for a marathon and hosting my daughter’s birthday party. I have officially lost my mind right?!?

A little glimpse into the madness.

Little did I know that the ABC Store gives away free boxes. So, if anyone comes over or when our movers arrive, they will be sure we are raging alcoholics.

packing it up_0001

I cleaned and organized non-stop for an entire week. My hands are swollen and raw from using so many Magic Erasers. And can I just say thank you to the person who invented those suckers. OMG, they are life savers!

packing it up_0002

This is the utter chaos that was our home last week.

packing it up_0003

Hanging paintings and staging.

packing it up_0004

Finding really fun things in the attic. Yes, a long long time ago (1998) I was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 🙂

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I even organized our attic! I got rid of so much stuff! It was such a headache but it feels amazing to have everything de-cluttered and have a perfect place!

packing it up_0006

Finding hidden “treasures” under my girls beds! And I think Ellie had her fair share of cleaning, she was exhausted!

packing it up_0007

Now, the house is ready.


I am so excited to start a new adventure in a new home with my sweet family. I think this is a great move for our future. We are sad to say goodbye to our neighbors and friends we have made over the years here but it is only a, see ya later because we will certainly be back to play.

Do you have some amazing tips for moving? I would love to hear from you!


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