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On the Morning Stir with Cristina Wilson

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!

I don’t know about you but this has already been one of the best Tuesday’s and it isn’t even lunch time yet!

My morning started with my weekly run class with my coach. It is always challenging and hard but it was a great one. I even PR’ed my 5k time this year. Woohooo!

After that I had my first small group at my house, called PrayFit. It is an awesome group of ladies that are likeminded….love God and love to workout. It was such a great morning. We discussed grace. What an awesome topic that we all need practice on. I know I am my own worst critic and allowing myself to give grace.

Another reason today is so great….

A couple weeks ago my sweet friend Cristina Wilson came over to chat. We had so much fun just chatting about life and catching up. Cristina is one of my favorite Girl Bosses! I am super stoked as she is doing a guest post here next week! She was the editor of Carolina Bride and now has an awesome podcast called ‘The Morning Stir.’ When she asked me to chat on the podcast, I immediately got nervous, I mean I hate leaving voicemails for people much less talking for everyone to hear. ha. When she started recording though it wasn’t bad at all. I felt way more relaxed than I thought and I can’t wait to share it with you all here.

Happy Tuesday! Oh, and make sure to enter this week’s giveaway, contest entries end at 9pm tonight and the winner will be announced tomorrow!


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