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Jesus always shows up.

When you least expect it, Jesus shows up. In the midst of your worry and anxiety, He is there. A true lesson I learned this weekend.

This week, I had to go to the hospital to undergo some tests to see why my stomach was getting so out of whack when I race….I explained that in my Augusta race recap. It was the kind of test that no one wants to go through and it’s truly dreadful. Even worse than the test itself, are my major anxieties about being put under. Ever since the birth of Ellie and the traumatic experiences I had, I go into complete panic mode being put under. My heart starts beating out of my chest and I have a full panic attack.

After a full cleanse on Thursday, at 8am Friday morning I checked in to my local hospital. My vitals were taken and a million questions were asked. My IV was placed in my tiny veins who never like to cooperate. I knew my nurse getting my vitals, so we chatted a while about kids, school and life.

Two nurses from anesthesiology came in to chat, and told me they were going to start rolling me back.  In that very moment, my heart started racing and I went into complete panic mode. I told them, “mam, I am about to freak out, I am really sorry but I panic with the thought of being put under.” They knew the reason why, they have seen my chart which looks more like a novel then two sheets of nicely put paper stapled together.  Then something happened.

The nurse who looked like she was from India or the Middle East came close to me and grabbed my hands. She got very close in my face and said “Lucy, I have prayed Jesus in this room. He is here and His protection is all around you. He wants you to take that anxiety and fear that you have balled up in your fist and let go. Give that to Him. Rest assured He is here right now with you.” My eyes were bigger than silver dollars and they started welling up with tears, not in fear but of complete and utter amazement that Jesus showed up in a big way. I  looked her in the face and said “thank you, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.” Every anxiety I had melted and I truly felt the presence of Jesus at my side. As she started rolling me back to the surgical room I wanted to know more, who is this nurse? I asked her where she went to church and told her I wanted to go with her. She told me she was a Muslim for many years and has converted to become a Christian and love Jesus. I was so enamored with her story, I had to know more but at this time, I had to be put to sleep.

I woke up still yearning to know more about this incredible nurse. Who is she? Ends up, she left her personal phone number for me to call, and today I will be making that phone call. Her name is Shala and I want to take her to lunch and hear about her life and love for Jesus.

I have been in the hospital and had more surgeries or procedures than I can count, but never have I experienced anything like this. I never doubt that Jesus is by my side no matter the situation, but to have someone sincerely look you in the eyes and declare they have prayed Jesus in my room was an experience I will never forget. I haven’t been able to get it off my mind all weekend.

I’m beyond grateful that even when I don’t feel like showing up, Jesus does in a big way!


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  • October 19, 2015 - 7:09 pm

    Jessica Ballard - What a beautiful story. I love when Jesus reminds us in very clear ways that He has our best interest and loves us so deeply. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • October 20, 2015 - 6:01 pm

    Bon - i love that she was obedient enough to tell you what she knew… in return gave you the biggest blessing ever.ReplyCancel

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