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hurt people, hurt people

she builds others upMy mom told me some wise words once. She said, “hurt people, hurt people.” I got to thinking about that and man that is so true. I think about how many times I have lashed out at people because I was hurting myself. I have had my fair share of saying words I don’t mean just because I was upset at something else that was going on in my life.

Well, that happened to me last week, except I was the recipient. Initially when I read the comment this person left on my blog, I was a little shocked and it stung. Then, once I read it again, I could literally hear the hurt seeping through her words. My last blog post was an update and how I shouldn’t feel so frustrated or dislike my child sometimes. I didn’t think that would cause someone to lash out but it did. No one is immune to bullying or hatred. Here I am, deep in a valley, feeling emotionally defeated and I get a hateful email. I am sharing our story and being really vulnerable and transparent, then boom…..what do you do?

I am human, it is normal to feel hurt or angry and want to lash out. I thought about responding with this….

cash me outside

but I refrained…haha.


What I thought about in responding was how can I show her my heart? How can I love her regardless of her hurtful words? How can I give her grace and try to understand that she is just hurting?  So this is what went down….

hurt people

Why am I sharing this? Because what I want to share with you friend is that we need to understand grace. We don’t deserve grace but Christ forgives us over and over again. We can turn our back on him, we can do the most hateful things but there is absolutely nothing but grace and love coming from Christ. So my goal was to show this girl grace as Christ shows us. I wanted to show her, not only do I love Jesus and talk about loving Jesus but I want to SHOW how much I love Jesus by giving grace and showing my heart and still being kind even though she clearly didn’t deserve it.


It isn’t always easy, and I most certainly haven’t always taken the high road, but I feel like God has been working on my heart. Not only do I want to talk the talk but I need to walk the walk.


With all the hate going on in the world, if we started spreading love and grace, imagine how much more beautiful our world would be. Imagine how much more at peace we would be in our own heart? Knowing, we took the high road even when it wasn’t easy.


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