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first day of school jitters.

girls first day of school 2015

This week my girls started a brand new school. I feel so good about this change and so do they. We chose to go to a Private Christian school that is also a University Model school. In essence, they go to school on campus three days a week. The other two days a week, they have satellite school aka homeschool here with me. It is like the best of both worlds! A good solid Christian education, social interaction with other kids, sports, yet homeschooling so I can be involved in my children’s education. The commute is 45 minutes each way BUT they did get a bus this year so it is only 15 minutes to the bus stop which makes my life so much easier! I really wouldn’t have cared if it was in Africa at this point, we needed a change.

I had everything set up for my first homeschooling day, which was yesterday. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I woke my girls up and made them gluten free waffles and we were wearing our pajamas. We decided it would be pajama day at school 🙂 Lilly had to watch a 45 minute long video on the Maya Indians so I got her set up on the computer and headphones so I could start assisting Ellie with her work. The school gives us everything that needs to be done and a checklist so we just mark it off as we go along. I don’t have to plan anything on my own which is nice they have it all done for you. Lilly was really intrigued by this video and took notes. She kept taking her headphones out and rewinding things to show me. Ellie and I have done homeschooling together before so for us, it was no big deal. We laid out what we needed to do and in an hour and a half we were done. Lilly on the other hand….

Lets just say, it ended up not being the best day. It turned out to be a total doozie. There were lots of tears and more frustration. I tried to stay calm and just explain that this is new to both of us and not to put so much pressure on ourselves since we needed time to learn and get adjusted to this new format. It was a LONG LONG day.

I finally got to step away when I had to go to the doctor. It was nice to be in the car and have some quiet time to myself and just decompress and try to give myself a little pep talk.

On the way home, this was my view…

lightening and traffic

5 o’clock traffic, tornado like weather, and lightening so close I thought it would hit my car. I had to get out and grab groceries and medicine in this weather. Awesome.

One side of me was thinking, yep, this is the appropriate way to close out my day, this really sucks. Then the other side was saying, this is just life, a hard season of life. Things are never as bad as they seem when you step back. I realize, it could be much worse but it was a hard day. I had really high hopes of having this beautifully run homeschool day and twirling in daisy covered fields with my children after a picnic. Ridiculous I know.

Regardless of how hard yesterday was, I know we made the right decision with our kids and school. It isn’t going to be easy but I know it will be worth it.

I loved seeing everyone’s first day of school pictures on facebook! I hope you all got your babies off to school and they will have the best year ever. I am excited for what this year has to hold and you should be too.


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P.S. When I published this before I forgot one of the most important things I wanted to share. In the midst of losing my mind and wanting to chug Pinot Noir from the bottle in my bubble bath…I went downstairs to prepare everything for school that night and I found this note Lilly was writing on her computer…. talk about melting my heart. Sometimes when you think you are screwing it all up, it is nice to have some light shed that you are being a pretty awesome role model for them.


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