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Two steps forward, one step back.

Like a pace car leading the pack out on the track, this is our pace. The speed is unpredictable and the curves areView full post »

The raw face of pain

I am tired and I am hurt. I have sacrificed everything and do everything for a child who curses me and hits me. MyView full post »

PANDAS treatment day two

Friday. Aka day two arrives of our treatment and at this point a lot of my anxieties had eased. We already had a fullView full post »

PANDAS treatment day one

There was so much anxiety leading up to our trip to DC for Ellie’s treatment. Will we have enough money to coverView full post »

remember her?

I remember the smile that shined so bright. Her nose would squish up and she would let out this laugh that would meltView full post »

i shouldn’t feel this way.

I shouldn’t feel like I want to run away and not come back.   See, moms are supposed to be nurturing andView full post »

just another day….

The past week has been such a whirlwind of emotions. We have never felt so loved and supported. But there is also theView full post »

first visit with Dr. L

We finally got the appointment with Dr Latimer, the pediatric neurologist specializing in PANDAS in Washington, DC.View full post »

our journey through hell.

Where have you been?   I haven’t seen you blog in forever. I get that a lot.   I really haven’tView full post »

Sitting still

I am sitting still. I’m not watching tv, painting, reading a book, editing, working out, meal prepping orView full post »

flying through life by the seat of my pants…

If you know me, then you know that I am the girl that flies by the seat of her pants through life. I am not afraid toView full post »

well hello there.

I have had so many emails asking, “How is the house? Where have you been? When are you blogging again?View full post »

this is 9 years.

I feel like I ran a marathon with only one lung…oh wait. ha. Today, we crossed the finish line of year 9. I hadView full post »

a letter to you, on your birthday

Dear Ellie, Today you turn 8. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed since you arrived here in my arms. IView full post »

packing it all up.

Nine years of stuff. Nine years of memories. We started our life together as husband and wife here. We brought ourView full post »