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first visit with Dr. L

We finally got the appointment with Dr Latimer, the pediatric neurologist specializing in PANDAS in Washington, DC.View full post »

our journey through hell.

Where have you been?   I haven’t seen you blog in forever. I get that a lot.   I really haven’tView full post »

race recap | augusta 70.3

Disclaimer on the race recap. I am blunt about my body ailments. Friday: Steven and I dropped our girls off with one ofView full post »

hair, skin and nails giveaway!

A couple months ago I had posted on Facebook that I was losing my hair in handfuls and it was getting thinner. I wantedView full post »

race recap | lake logan international triathlon

This weekend was my first triathlon for 2015! Not only was it my first this year but it was my first open water swimView full post »

workout journal giveaway

You know I love giving prizes away! Today’s giveaway is one of my favorites! I use this workout journal everydayView full post »


I get lots of questions. I love getting your questions. Questions ranging from hair + makeup products I love to fitnessView full post »

arm circuit

All my favorite arm exercises in a quick circuit to get your ready for tank top season. A little early to talk aboutView full post »

six pack ab circuit

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want abs. Can I get an AMEN? I have strived for years to get a definedView full post »

My ugly secret

When I started this blog, I vowed that I was going to be real, open and honest. That is important to me. I want to beView full post »

The perfect low impact workout for the injured.

Ever wanted to swim but don’t quite know where to start? I have been there! I just learned how to technicallyView full post »

Lets slow down

Life sometimes tells you to slow down in the most inconvenient of ways. That picture there…I could have sworn that wasView full post »

When life tells you no….

How many times has life told you no? How many times have you given it everything in your being and the door is slammedView full post »

Thanksgiving, the paleo way

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year; Ya know why? BECAUSE I LOVE TO EAT! This girl right here can seriously put aView full post »

Fit Friday with Chris Bryan

I love to workout and try lots of new things whether it is Crossfit, HIIT workouts, Yoga, Pure Barre, etc. One of myView full post »