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“Being small ain’t so bad”

I went to my daughters middle school volleyball game yesterday. Yea, I don’t know how I have a child in middle school now, it blows my mind!

Lilly took a brave step this year and tried out for a sport she had never even really played. Gymnastics was always such a big part of Lilly’s identity but after she experienced burn out in gymnastics she hadn’t found her “thing” again. So, this year she made the JV volleyball team.

Lilly has given it her all but starting a new sport, you typically aren’t the star player. She is also really petite. She has come home so many times feeling pretty defeated from practices or people picking that she was too small to be a volleyball player. I tell her size means nothing and then go on to tell her about my all time favorite basketball player, Muggsy Bogues! Muggsy was a whopping 5’3″ and played in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets. I grew up going to games and watching him play. If anyone proved size didn’t matter for their sport, he is the first one that comes to mind. When Lilly feels defeated I give her pep talks and show her slam dunk videos from Muggsy!

Monday I was picking Lilly up for practice she asked me if she could show me her serve. She tried 5 different times and each time it was so close to going over the net but it wouldn’t quite make it.

So, that brings me back to yesterday, a home volleyball game. Lilly doesn’t usually get the opportunity to play since she isn’t first string but regardless we are always there cheering on the team. But yesterday, towards the end of the game, they put Lilly in the game. I’ve never seen her play in a volleyball game. Would she know what to do? Would she panic?

The score kept creeping up and we were heading towards a win. Then Lilly moved back and it was her turn to serve. My eyes got big and my stomach was kind of turning. I didn’t want her to be embarrassed if she didn’t make it over the net.

Next thing I know she serves the ball and it went over the net and she scores the winning point for the game! Her eyes were about as big as tennis balls, she shocked herself! Her team went wild and jumped up and all huddled around her. They picked her tiny little body up in the middle of the team and were cheering for her. It was like an epic movie taking place right before my eyes. I was taking pictures with my phone and I stopped midway to soak it all in!

While she was picked up in the huddle, she looked right into my eyes up in the bleachers making sure I witnessed her winning moment. She was literally beaming with pride (and so was I). My heart melted.

When we got in the car after the game, Lilly was on cloud 9. She was really proud of herself and she told me, “see, being small ain’t so bad!” We laughed and I couldn’t stop telling her how awesome that was and how proud I am of her for never giving up.

It was just a JV volleyball game, not the Olympics, I’m aware. But to Lilly, it was just as good as the an Olympic game. It was a moment that will replay in her mind forever. It was the moment where all the hard work and all the failures paid off. It was proving that size doesn’t matter but what really matters is your heart.

So today, it’s a home school day aka “wine Wednesday” haha but we are smiling big and still on cloud 9 after Lilly’s confidence booster yesterday.


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